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For several centuries, analysis has been one of the most prestigious and important subjects in mathematics. Mathematical analysis during the 20th century sets off by tracing the evolution of mathematical analysis, and then endeavours to understand the developments of main trends, problems, and conjectures. It features chapters on general topology, `classical' integration and measure theory, functional analysis, harmonic analysis and Lie groups, theory of functions and analytic geometry, differential and partial differential equations, topological and differential geometry. The ubiquitous presence of analysis also requires the consideration of related topics such as probability theory or algebraic geometry. Each chapter features a comprehensive first part on developments during the period 1900-1950, and then provides outlooks on representative achievements during the later part of the century. The book provides many original quotations from outstanding mathematicians as well as an extensive bibliography of the seminal publications. It will be an interesting and useful reference work for graduate students, lecturers, and all professional mathematicians and other scientists with an interest in the history of mathematics.

AUTEUR: Jean-Paul Pier

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Mathematical analysis during the 20th century. Jean-Paul Pier. Oxford University Press, 2001: hbk ; 大学図書館所蔵 件 / 全 4 件. 大阪市立大学 学術情報総合センター 理: hbk 413//P62//8165 15100181658. OPAC. 東京大学 数理科学研究科 図書: hbk FU:Pier 8010295882. OPAC. 広島大学 図書館 中央図書館: hbk 413.02:P-62/HL407600 4000410972. OPAC ...

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