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A major new undergraduate textbook on plant evolution. This is a broad but provocative examination of the evolution of plants from the earliest forms of life to the development of our present flora. Taking a fresh, modern approach to a subject often treated very narrowly, the book incorporates many recent studies on the morphological evolution of plants, enlivens the subject with current research on ancient DNA and other biomolecular markers, and places plant evolution in the context of climate change and mass extinction.It is written to be accessible to undergraduates, so, for example, geological time is discussed in terms of 'millions of years ago' as well as by the names of the ages, and English equivalents of plant names are preferred, for example 'seed plants' (instead of gymnosperms) and 'flowering plants' (instead of angiosperms).

AUTEUR: J-C McElwain

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The Evolution of Plants blends evidence from the fossil record and data from biomolecular studies to tell the story of plant evolution from the earliest forms of life to the present day. Focusing on the key events during the evolution of plants - from the colonization of land to the first forests, the emergence of seed plants to the evolution of flowering plants - its straightforward ...

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Plant - Plant - Evolution and paleobotany: The evolutionary history of plants is recorded in fossils preserved in lowland or marine sediments. Some fossils preserve the external form of plant parts; others show cellular features; and still others consist of microfossils such as pollen and spores. In rare instances, fossils may even display the ultrastructural or chemical features of the plants ...


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