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An unimaginably vast amount of data is now generated by our online lives, including all our uploaded documents, social media traffic, online shopping, and even GPS data from our cars. At the same time, our ability to manage this data is becoming ever more sophisticated. In this Very Short Introduction, Dawn Holmes explains how big data is stored, analysed, and exploited by a variety of bodies, from large companies to organizations concerned with medical research. As big data transforms the way businesses operate, it simultaneously raises important ethical issues, as cases such as the Snowden affair and hacked smart devices have shown.

AUTEUR: Dawn E. Holmes

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Big Data: A Very Short Introduction - I Programmer

If you're not familiar with the Oxford Press series of very short introductions to many topics, the Big Data book by Professor Holmes at U Cal, Santa Barbara packs a lot of information into a relatively short book (112 pages in paperback). The book is well-written, but as always in this series, there's a lot of information in the book so your attention to the material will be required.

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'Big data analytics' argues that big data is only useful if we can extract useful information from it. It looks at some of the techniques used to discover useful information from big data, such as customer preferences or how fast an epidemic is spreading. Big data analytics is changing rapidly as the size of the datasets increases and classical statistics makes room for this new paradigm.


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