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Janis Joplin has passed into legend as on impassioned soul, doomed by the pain that produced one of the most extraordinary voices in the history of rock 'n' roll. But this intimate new biography shows a woman in command, o woman who won her place in history by never compromising who she was and how she wonted to express herself. Joplin's first transgressive act was to be a white girl with on early passion for the blues. She stood out In her conservative Texas oil town os a tomboy who was intellectually curious and artistic, drawing the scorn of her peers for her embrace of the Beats and her progressive views. So many women of her era used beauty, privilege or marriage ro get o foothold in life, but Janis decided early on to use the truth of her emotions. Her success was no occident, and this is the story of her very intentional life. Like many ground-breaking artists, she was complicated : marked by her father's deep cosmic blues bur determined ro overcome them ; a sexually shy teenager who later pushed the boundaries of sexuality ; a lover who wanted to marry and settle down but couldn't or wouldn't. She was a musician who stumbled over her talent but then became determined to perfect it, a Texan who yearned to flee Texas but could never quite get away, even after becoming the queen of counter-cultural San Francisco. Written by one of the most highly regarded chroniclers of American music history, and based on unprecedented access to Janis Joplin's family, friends, bandmotes, personal archives and long-last interviews, Janis is a powerful portrait of an American pioneer - the ultimate woman who persisted and is finally getting her due.

AUTEUR: Holly George-Warren

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Holly George-Warren - Janis: Her Life and Music

Her parents doted on her in many ways, but were ultimately put off by her repeated acts of defiance. Janis Joplin has passed into legend as a brash, impassioned soul doomed by the pain that produced one of the most extraordinary voices in rock history. But in these pages, Holly George-Warren provides a revelatory and deeply satisfying portrait of a woman who wasn't all about suffering. Janis ...

Janis: Her Life and Music by Holly George-Warren ...

JANIS Her Life and Music By Holly George-Warren. Janis Joplin, the racy hippie white girl who — it was popular to say at the time — could sing like a black woman, should be positioned as one ...


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