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This full-color text / atlas zeroes in on the research-based neuroscience information that is most relevant to physical and occupational therapy. Inside, you'll find clear descriptions of a complete range of neurological disorders and the body systems which they affect. You'll also gain insights into pain and analgesia, sympathetically maintained pain, balance, neural control of movement, cortical perception of spatial relationships, contemporary research and theory on spasticity, vestibular function and dysfunction, and much more. Inside this 2nd Edition, you'll find... Coverage of more diseases and disorders-including multiple system atrophy, dyskinesia, stages of Parkinsons disease, brainstem stroke syndromes, somatoform disorders, migraine, epilepsy, nervous system tumors, and meningitis. Updated reference lists and the most recent research-bad findings. Many other valuable updates that make this book better than ever! Custom designed for effective learning! A logical organization, progressing from the cellular and developmental levels through to regional anatomy, makes complex information easy to master. "Clinical Notes" examine the clinical applications of neuroscience knowledge. Boxes offer at-a-glance summaries of pathology, etiology, signs and symptoms, and prognoses for the most common disorders. Hundreds of crisp, full-color illustrations provide you with a three-dimensional understanding of intricate neuroanatomic structures and demonstrate the flow of information within the nervous system. Descriptions of the personal experiences of individuals living with neurological disorders give you a vivid sense of how these conditions affect functional abilities. Well organized, richly illustrated, and clinically focused, Neuroscience: Fundamentals for Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition is your ideal guide to the neurological basis of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

AUTEUR: Laurie Lundy-Ekman

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