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My real name, no one remembers. The truth about that summer, no one else knows. In the depths of a nineteenth-century winter, a little girl is abandoned in the narrow streets of London. Adopted by a mysterious stranger, she becomes in turn a thief, a friend, a muse, and a lover. Then, in the summer of 1862, shortly after her eighteenth birthday, she retreats with a group of artista to a beautiful house on a quiet bend of the Upper Thames ... Tensions simmer and one hot afternoon a gun-shot rings out. A woman is killed, another disappears, and the truth of what happened slips through the cracks of time. Over the next century and beyond, Birchwood Manor welcomes many newcomers but guards its secret closely — until another young woman is drawn to visit the house because of a family secret of her own ... As the mystery of The Clockmaker's Daughter begins to unravel, we discover the stories of those who have passed through Birchwood Manor since that fateful day in 1862. Intricately layered and richly atmospheric, it shows that, sometimes, the only way forward is through the past.

AUTEUR: Kate Morton

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The Clockmaker's Daughter - In Concert | Cadogan Hall

Told by multiple voices across time, The Clockmaker's Daughter is a story of murder, mystery and thievery, of art, love and loss. And flowing through it like a river is the voice of a woman who stands outside time, whose name has been forgotten by history but who has watched it all unfold: Birdie Bell, the clockmaker's daughter. ©2018 Kate Morton (P)2018 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd. Autres ...

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Kate Morton (born 1976) is an international bestselling Australian author. Morton has sold more than 11 million books in 42 countries, making her one of Australia's "biggest publishing exports". The award-winning author has written six novels: The House at Riverton (The Shifting Fog), The Forgotten Garden, The Distant Hours, The Secret Keeper, The Lake House, and The Clockmaker's Daughter ...


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