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In order to make the study of Chinese easier and more interesting, this textbook has the following features : The student will be in the cultural settings of Chinese society with several international students, Ding Libo (son of Gu Bo and Ding Yun), Lin Na and Ma Dawei. Through many interesting experiences, the student will not only learn authentic Chinese, but also understand Chinese society and culture. The instruction of functional items is emphasized. The student will learn to use Chinese from the very beginning of the learning process. Attention is paid to the instruction of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and discourse and a gradual increase in difficulty, orderly advances and multiple repeats are stressed along with the usage of four large cycles to help students understand the language structure of Chinese. A new method of teaching Chinese characters is utilized to help students read and write intriguing characters. Combined instruction of the four basic skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, is emphasized. It offers tremendous flexibility. The instructional materials are suitable for users at different starting points and with different goals. Abundant practice materials are supplied for the student to use inside and outside the classroom. Each volume comes with a Textbook, a Workbook and an Instructor's Manual along with an MP3 and a DVD. Texts in traditional characters are provided at

AUTEUR: Robert Shanmu Chen

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New Practical Chinese Reader Vol. 1 (3rd Ed.): Workbook (W ...

Download PDF New Practical Chinese Reader Vol 3 Workbook book full free. New Practical Chinese Reader Vol 3 Workbook available for download and read online in other forma

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The New Chinese Practical Reader book, written by Liu Xun, is considered one of the most popular and classic Chinese textbooks on the market. This is the first in a relatively new series of Chinese textbooks produced in mainland China.


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