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During the 14 months between May 1997 and June 1998, El Nino not only became a household word but the "climate event of the century." El Nino 1997-1998 assembles experts in science, policy, and media who provide an in-depth perspective on this nationally recognised and complex weather phenomenon. It provides a unique outlook on the incidents that surrounded El Nino, focusing on information that appeared in the media and, especially, on the Internet-two major sources describing the event.Comprehensive in its coverage, this book explores everything from what made El Nino famous to the lessons learned, from the phenomenon. The key issues addressed are the causes, predictions, and outcomes of El Nino, El Nino as a weather metaphor for global warming, scientific issues emerging from the event, the uses and benefits of El Nino forecasts, impacts of El Nino's weather, and implications for improved forecast use and climate services in the nation.El Nino 1997-1998 is ideal for a wide range of readers. Decision-makers and leaders in weather-service businesses and government agencies will benefit from its recommendations and analysis of the lessons, learned from El Nino. Students and professors with interests in natural hazards, atmospheric sciences, science policy, economics, and journalism will find this book an invaluable resource. And all those who were affected or enthralled by El Nino will appreciate this book's accessible analysis of this major climate event.

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