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Controlling the rate, extent and time of a drug's delivery can optimize its performance in many ways, relative to "immediate release" delivery. Such optimized design requires a broad knowledge base of topics such as gastro intestinal tract physiology, polymer science, and the mechanisms by which drugs are released from the formulated units. Technologies to "reduce to practice" also need to be carefully considered. Such knowledge must be allied to the physicochemical properties of the drug, its pharmacokinetic behaviors, enyme susceptibility and other factors that can affect absorption or timecourse in the biosystem. Traditionally, controlled release systems tended to be "second-generation products, building on accumulated clinical experience. However, better awareness of the molecular biology of drug action and the promise of biomarkers and personalized medicine may mean that optimizing performance by controlling release may become a first option in new product development. Such optimization may well help reduce the alarming attrition rates that are now prevalent in new drug development. This book provides chapters, dealing with all facets of the above subject matter, and its challenges. Authors have been drawn from academia, providers of excipients and from those designing controlled release systems in industrial R&D and manufacture. The contents provide a unique blend of cutting edge knowledge, data on materials and practical experiences. It is essential text for students, researchers and industrial engineering, formulation and manufacturing technologists as well as quality testing and control functions.

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Osmotic controlled-release oral delivery systems (OROS) have the form of a rigid tablet with a semi-permeable outer membrane and one or more small laser drilled holes in it. As the tablet passes through the body, water is absorbed through the semipermeable membrane via osmosis, and the resulting osmotic pressure is used to push the active drug through the opening(s) in the tablet.

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Oral controlled release drug delivery is a system that provides continuous oral delivery of drugs at predictable and reproducible kinetics for a predetermined period throughout the course of GI transit and also the system that target the delivery of a drug to a specific region within the GI tract for either a local or systemic action (Vora et al., 1996). Classification of Oral Controlled ...


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